Let more Students come to you

Fipply.com helps Students find Training Courses and send enquiries online - instantly!

Display your courses, elegantly.

Fipply showcases your courses in a neat and intuitive way, exactly the way students want to see and understand what you are offering.

Lets give students all they want

We list all the information needed for a student to decide their Training Institute - i.e. photos, courses, syllabus, placement details, contact information and Institute features.

Be Visible.

If your course is not easily findable, students might not get a chance to know and enroll in you awesome course. With Fipply all of your Courses are available as SEO optimized web pages automagically.

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Fipply gives students the fastest and easiest way to communicate with you. You can receive and reply to the enquiries/messages from prospective students online. It's simple and almost like a chat.

Inbuilt Analytics

A beautiful representation of how Students interact with your Institute and courses listed in Fipply. You will be able to take a closer look at how many times your Venue and courses were viewed and how many Enquiries you have received overtime.