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All the graduates who are in the pre final / final year of the college from any educational institutes with background of Information technology and Engineering will be eligible for registering in this course.


How CRP will help Students to be Corporate ready

Apart from the regular technical and soft skill training CRP differs in having the following curriculum in right mixtures to build the students overall development. The Campus Readiness Project offers the training curriculum which consists of the following.

* Technical Training ( Microsoft, Java, Embedded, PHP)
* Soft Skill Training
* Software Engineering and Project Management
* Software Testing , Database and Networking concepts
* On Job Training ( Real Time Projects)
* Essential Competence

The Essential Competence offers the following curriculum.

* Team Building activities
* Dressing etiquettes and dining habits
* Passport and Driving Licenses
* Personality Management training
* Corporate Value
* Social Ethics

These additional curriculums are the value additions which will enable every student to be corporate ready.

Information on CRP

The Campus Readiness Project is planned for 400 hours of training which includes a real time project (On Job Training) as part of the project curriculum. The distribution of the training hours is as given below.

JITA through CRP will help the Corporate to cut down the costs of training to a significant percentage and enhances the productivity of the Student. In addition JITA through CRP will help the consultants get exposures to real time technical projects and enhance their overall potential through soft skill and communication training which will make them prepared for facing the campus interviews with self confidence. This inturn will help the corporate to get the best talent from the campus recruitment

Good education empowers people no matter where they belong to. Learning methodologies should be supported by evolved ones to ensure good education. Jeevan IT Academy today has deployed Technology and Personality Development blend to enable and redefine the very concept of education for all.

What the corporate world looks at the graduates is much more then just being a good technical expert. It is important that the graduates have the completeness in all aspects of an overall development. This is the value addition every corporate world looks at any graduates. We tried to put in all the Value additions a corporate world can expect and bundled it as Campus Readiness Project

We identify the technology in which the student is strong and interested and work with them on the real time projects after making them technically strong through the technical training.

Our programs, Curriculum, Learning Tools – each and every aspect of CRP is directed towards a common goal, to make all youngsters have self confidence and increase the talent level in each one of them.

If you have the basic qualifications as mentioned above, you will be eligible to be part of the CRP. To register yourself in CRP you might choose to register either online or download the application form or register at our office.

1. Online Registration
2. Register by Mail
3. Register at JITA office

Modus Operandi

We intend to conduct the CRP at the college campus itself. We will have our trainers based at the college campus itself for the project period. In addition to this the CRP will also be conducted at Jeevan IT Academy in Chennai.

Scholarship Information

The first three students in the merit list of the CRP in each batch will be eligible for 25% scholarship of the CRP training fees.

Assessment of the Students in CRP course:

The overall marks on which the assessment would be made is for 500. The assessment would be made as per the following basis.

* Technical Training

: 200 marks

* Soft Skill Training

: 50 marks

* Software Engineering and Project Management

: 25 marks

* Software Testing , Database and Networking concepts

: 25 marks

* On Job Training

: 100 marks

* Essential Competence

: 100 marks

On completion of the CRP successfully every consultant would be issued with a certificate from JITA.


Jeevan IT Academy Private Limited

9th Floor, Gee Gee Crystal, #92 Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai,
Mylapore, Chennai, India,
Postal code: 600004.

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Jeevan IT Academy - Campus Readiness Project (CRP)

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