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You should have completed a basic, under-graduate degree in Fine Art or Applied Art / Visual Communication to apply for this Programme. You're also eligible to apply if you have been a practicing photographer and would like to upgrade your skills.<br /><br /><br />
<br /><br /><br />
You should be familiar with the basic concepts of photography and have a keen visual eye. Please note that the course is intended to provide training in advanced photography; it is assumed that students are famili


Programme Description
The Programme will cover the following specialisations:

I. Fashion Photography

Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder, but it is the photographer's craft, which brings out the intrinsic beauty of a model or fashion product. Would a Nakshatra diamond have glittered as much were it not for Aishwarya Rai's sensuous looks? Just how much did the
Big B's suave, fashionable elegance mean to Reid & Taylor?

The dream merchants who sell fashion are in reality selling a dream, an aspiration to a higher lifestyle. And the fashion photographer is the ally to whom they turn, when they need to evoke mood, emotion and just that little bit of magic.

II. Food Photography

David Ogilvy, the famous advertising guru once said 'Sell the sizzle, not the steak'! Nowhere is this truer than in food photography, where the only parameter for success is:
did the photograph get the viewer's mouth to water in anticipation? Did it whet her appetite?
But, food photography is not easy, as it seems! How do you shoot a luscious-looking ice cream in the few minutes before it melts? How do you shoot a chilled bottle of Coke that will tell the viewer this is the best way to vanquish thirst on a summer day?
The work of a food photographer truly begins, where a Chef's job ends.

III. Still life / Product photography

Every object has a mood and a visual language attached. The humble paperweight sitting on your desk may be a mere object, but when it is seen in the context of other elements nearby – a pen, a pair of spectacles, an address book it gets imbued with a higher visual language.
How should you balance the artistic and commercial when you shoot products? How should you present clients product in a larger than life context? How do you get the mere object to ‘converse’ with a customer?

IV. Techniques

You will learn to use, both studio lights and mixing available light with electronic flash in outdoor conditions. Plus all the additional things every good photographer needs to know; how to choose props; work out backdrops based on the art director’s or clients brief; how to work with Fashion Designer, Make-Up Artists, Hair stylists and other professionals.

In addition to specific projects and assignments, you will also have numerous opportunities to assist Shashikant on his assignments. These are intended to provide you a real -life orientation and exposure. These opportunities may arise from time to time and may be done at the Chennai studio or on the location outside Chennai.

Equipment Requirements

All students admitted into the Programme should have their own professional digital SLR camera with a basic 18-55 mm lens. You should also have a basic tripod.

Shashikant School of Photography does not endorse or recommend any individual brand of camera.The student is advised to choose a camera suiting his/her budget.

In the course of the Programme, students will also have opportunities to work with high-end equipment at Shashikant Advertising Photography such as Sinar large-format camera, Sinar digital back etc which will provide them with exposure to medium and large-format photography. Equipment requirements

Fee Structure and related costs

The following fees are payable fully in advance for the duration of the entire 6-month Programme:
Programme fee Rs. 1,50,000.00
Boarding/lodging fee Rs. 50,000.00
Security Deposit Rs. 25,000.00

The Boarding/Lodging fee covers the costs of shared rental accommodation, breakfast/lunch and transport. Please refer to Part C under the section 'Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on pages 10 and 11 for a more detailed explanation.

The Security Deposit covers the part-costs of any damage to any equipment owned by Shashikant Advertising Photography, which is lent to the student to use during the period of training. The Security Deposit is refundable in full on completion of the programme, provided that the student has taken good care of the equipment and there has been no damage to the equipment. Demand Draft or Bankers Pay Order in favor of “PRANGAN” should make payment payable at Chennai, India.

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