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The Consulting Skills Training workshop is conducted over 3 days. It is aimed at those who are responsible for relationship management as well as identifying new business opportunities with clients during all phases of a project. It is very beneficial for people looking to enhance their management skills as well as for consultant looking to improve their project management capabilities.

The areas of focus in this Consulting Skills Training program are

1.Communication Skills: As a participant, you take part in role plays and exercises that simulate client conversations and data gathering interviews. In order to do this effectively it is important to have good communication skills – Verbal (Asking the right questions), Understanding Body Language and Effectively Listening. Learning these skills is the focus of this segment.

2.Time Management and Goal Setting: For fulfillment and closure of a project with a focus on creating work agreements, identifying ongoing issues and solutions, it is imperative that you manage your time by effectively setting goals. Many tools for Time Management, together with powerful goal setting techniques, are taught in this segment.

3.Creative Problem Solving: This is an integral part of project management as the success of any project will depend on the way you creatively handle the roadblocks that occur. Throughout this consultant skills workshop you will be challenged to interact and respond "in the moment". You will gain an increased ability to identify and understand the bigger issues facing your clients and lead your team to success.

4.Conflict Resolution: Conflict is a part of all human relationships. Conflict is very useful if handled right. It is an important part of learning and one's own development. The skills that are focused on in this segment are:

a. Negotiation

b. Assertiveness

c. Persuasion

5.Team Management: The ability of teams to perform at high levels and adapt quickly to escalating demands largely determine a project's success. In this segment individuals learn how to improve their interpersonal effectiveness, minimize conflict, and support, challenge, and inspire their fellow team members.


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Consulting Skills

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