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Some of us lack speaking skills that captivate and engage our listeners. Our accent might be difficult to comprehend for our clients despite our good grasp of the English language which in turn might result in business opportunities that are missed out both tangibly and intangibly.

A systematic training approach to globalizing one’s Voice and Accent is the key to overcome this hurdle. A training program on this topic would focus on how establishing a long term relationship with the client through improved and effective communication. Understanding the nuances of the client’s culture in a global work environment definitely helps us to establish a more effective conversation with them. It also helps us boost our image, make us more confident and also improves our long term association with both our external and internal customers.

* American/ British English
- The Nation’s Geography and Culture
- Alphabet / Words Pronunciation
- English with Americans – Do’s and Don’ts
- Common Indian Vs American / British Words
- 100 Common American / British Names – Pronunciation
* The Indian touch
- Common Indianisms
- Common Phrases & Idioms
- Global English
- Mother Tongue & Regional Influence
- Vernacular English and Indianism - A Review
* Grammar
- Parts of Speech, Tenses and
- SV Agreement
- Most frequently used incorrect words and phrases – Correction Exercise
* Listening Skills
* Telephone and Email Etiquettes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
* Comprehend the foreign accent better and respond more effectively during a conversation.
* Exhibit improved speech skills that captivate and engage the listener better.
* Understand the American /British Culture and Customs better.
* Improve one’s grammar and become more proficient in Telephone and Email etiquette.
* Make a conscious effort to improve one’s regional accent / Mother Tongue Influence.
* Build one’s image and confidence level and speak to the point.


Hale Human Capital

No:173 & 174, 2nd Floor, Nehru Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Road (OMR),
Kottivakkam, Chennai, India,
Postal code: 600096.

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Voice and Accent Training

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